How do I get involved?

Are you interested in helping keep Wicker Park clean?  Are you in Wicker Park?  Then you are in luck!  All you have to do is help keep our community clean.
As you walk around, notice if there is trash on the ground.  Do you see water bottles, cigarettes, beer cans, paper?  Please, pick it up and dispose in the nearest waste bin.

That’s it!  You just did your part to help Pick Up Wicker.  Want to do more? Consider these options:

Host a Pick-Up Party
For your next kiddo’s birthday party consider adopting a block.  Give each kid a bag and see who can collect the most trash.  Have prizes for the winners.
Finish off with a soapy mess back home to make sure everyone has clean hands before cake!

Grab a bag
A hefty bag is a great bag to fill with trash, but any size bag will do.  Don’t have one?  Ask your local coffee shops and restaurants for one.  Tell them you will use it to pick-up trash in the neighborhood.  They will be more than willing to help you.  Post your efforts on #pickupwicker.

Your Idea
Did you sort the trash based on recyclables?  Did you recycle tin cans for money?  Did you find something interesting? Let us know at #pickupwicker or @pickupwicker on Social Media


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