What kinds of trash do you see?

Picking up trash gives you great insight into what happens in your neighborhood. Here are some of the things we typically see:

Water bottles – these are usually crushed and empty but there none the less.

Cigarette butts – you often find where are the best smoking spots as smokers will dump the butts there when they are done. Pick them up and consider leaving a #pickupwicker sign behind as a subtle reminder.

Lighters – lots of lighters.

Chip bags – We’re sad to see the diet of Wicker Park is mostly Doritos and Lays, but it is there none the less. These bags are everywhere and it is not uncommon to find one on top of another.

Plastic – lots of plastic containers.

Cans – beer cans are a plenty. If you are really good, you can even recycle them.Money – we’ve found $5 bills, coins, wallets. If you seek, so shall you find.

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