What tools do I need?

Good news! You do not need anything to get started. You can simply pickup trash you see and throw it away. That is it! Now, that said, there are a few items you may want to consider and some we see no value in;

Trash bag – A hefty trash bag is ideal. You typically only need one as a parent or central person can carry it while everyone else runs to and fro. When the bag is full, snap a pic and post to #pickupwicker to share your results!

Wagon – a wagon for pulling little ones or to carry the trash is ideal. Most pickup sessions only need be a block or so, so use what makes it easy.

Gloves – if you don’t like getting messy, gloves are ideal to help keep your hands clean. I still recommend two hand washes when you get home.

What you don’t need:

Wipes and hand sanitizer – you may think this is counter intuitive, but you will get dirty. The stuff on the ground is covered in dirt and mud and will be filthy. Get dirty. Go home. And then wash two times. Leave the sanitizer for dinner with the baby.

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